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Trophy Fishing Lakes

If you want to catch a good fish then you need to build a good fishing lake.

A plastic lake liner is the ultimate fishing and recreation lake construction method


We are experts in the design and construction of trophy fishing lakes utilizing a plastic lake liner.


SoilMovers LLC - Premium Rural Retreats and Lake Construction

Premium Lake Design and Expert Construction
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Rural Farm Lake,recreation lake,fishing lake- Lamar County,  TX

Lamar County, TX

The Changing Role of Fishing and Recreation Lakes

More and more rural property owners today are wanting fishing ponds or recreation lakes added to their property. Ranch and farm lakes also provide a ready reservoir of valuable water in these uncertain times. Fishing pond construction is more complicated than the building of a simple stock tank or farm pond. Your local bulldozer operator might get a farm pond or lake right the first time. Might is a big gamble.  If he doesn’t get it right, if the farm pond leaks, if the banks are too steep, if the pond does not fill up correctly; you are left with an eyesore which must be drained and reconstructed.

The proposition of redoing an improperly constructed farm pond or fishing lake is always more expensive than the initial pond building. Experience and knowledge count in this business and as the older and more experienced craftsmen retire, it becomes harder and harder to find someone who knows what they are doing. When it comes to lake building and how the intricate infrastructure of a premium rural lake retreat all fits together, there is no substitute for experience and a proven track record.

3/4 of Texas recently experienced the wettest May on record (2015).  There were torrential rains and flooding with considerable loss of life and property.  2 weeks later, Tropical Storm Bill barreled up out of the Gulf and saturated the area with rain again for a real knockout punch. Many ranch lakes across the affected area failed, dams breached, spillways washed away, buildings were lost.  We know because we got the calls from landowners who needed help repairing and re-doing their ranch lakes, fishing lakes and tanks.  Not a single one of our past projects failed or was compromised in any way.  That really says it all doesn’t it?



The Satisfaction of a Dream Fulfilled – A Country Lake Residence
Rural Ranch Retreat and Fishing Lake,coutry lake residence,weekend lake retreat - Northeast Texas

Northeast Texas Rural Ranch Lake Retreat

This picture on the right is not a ‘stock photo’ from some professional photographer’s portfolio. It is an actual picture of one of our successful rural lake retreat projects that has matured very well since completion several years ago. The clients keep a canoe handy for fishing in the lake stocked with bass, sunfish and catfish. Mature oaks shade the banks where deer come to drink. Wild geese winter on the lake every year. It is an idyllic country retreat and the land owners enjoy their investment every day.

Families used to sit down to dinner every evening and discuss what that day had brought them. Family values were of paramount importance back then but today’s society is so much different. We are electronically connected worldwide and the Smartphone or iPad is never far away. It seems we just cannot let go of our careers. Working 60 hours or more with a work week that now spans seven days, children and spouses are often displaced by the drive to succeed and advance in a career field. We think nothing of allowing an xBox or cable TV the monopoly of time with our children. One on one time with the family has been replaced with a career and electronic babysitters. Read the rest here………


SoilMovers LLC announces a new lake construction operations base in Central Texas for 2015.

Beginning a new year in typical Soilmovers fashion where our goal is to better serve our growing client base, Soilmovers LLC has established an operations base in Central Texas. Over the years, Nick has found his talents mesh well with the land and the people of Central Texas. Looking back on our list of past lake and rural retreat projects it is apparent that Soilmovers LLC has spent a good amount of time working in Central Texas on some spectacular lake construction jobs. An operations base closer to our client’s location means reduced transportation costs to move the equipment and more time spent on the job moving it to completion.  The new operations base is a fly-in location with a grass runway.  The ability to fly out of Central Texas puts him just a few hours away from most clients.  This supports Nick’s growing consulting business.

Our goal has always been to provide true value and unparalleled expertise and knowledge to our clients. The new Central Texas operations base is a ‘win-win’ for future clients and SoilMovers LLC

All Fishing Lakes and Farm Ponds are NOT Equal!

A body of water on your property is a desirable feature which adds value and provides pleasure for the land owner. Fishing lakes are called many names. In Texas and the Southwest, they may be known as pools, ranch lakes or stock tanks. In other areas of the country, it may be farm ponds, farm lakes, fishing lakes or swimming ponds.

stocked ranch lake,fishing lake,largemouth bass,

Mother Nature’s Bounty. Nothing better than fish caught right out your front door!

Regardless of what the water feature on your farm or ranch is called, their primary use as water sources for livestock has diminished over the years and lake building practices have evolved to suit the need. Today’s property owner wants a farm pond, fishing lake or recreational lake which adds beauty, value and pleasure to their property.

  • Land is mother nature’s canvas.
  • You need a contractor with imagination, a feeling for effect and form and most of all –  experience combined with honesty and integrity.
  • Completing the masterpiece requires an artist in the field of excavation.

A client says “It is rare to find a consultant who puts such thought and effort into his work as Nick Jones. I recently had the privilege to witness his team of professionals build a beautiful lake, and sculpt my raw land into a much more aesthetically pleasing and functionally utilizable piece of property. Nick and his crew provide the quality craftsmanship that it takes to create a body of water that will enhance the value and enjoyment of your land.More references ………….


It takes a rare combination of experience, knowledge and proper equipment to complete a job at the highest possible levels. Most contractors never attain that level. SoilMovers LLC routinely exceeds our client’s expectations.

Nick Jones, of Soilmovers LLC and his associates, have over 60 years of experience in all types of excavation. This includes ranch improvements, wildlife habitat and specialization in the design and construction of farm ponds, trophy fishing lakes, rural lake retreats and complete infrastructure improvements. They have completed many successful farm pond, fishing lake projects, plastic lake liner installations and country lake retreats in Texas and Oklahoma for over a decade.

Construction of the more complicated fishing pond, fishing lake or plastic lake liner project is definitely not something you want an inexperienced contractor to tackle. Building a proper fishing lake requires engineering, experience and the proper equipment to attain the level of a trophy fishing lake. The excavation contractor you hire to construct the fishing lake or farm pond of your dreams has to be an expert.

SoilMovers LLC can turn your dreams into reality.

Pictures of our work-  All photographs are the sole property of SoilMovers LLC and are 100% original, reflecting actual projects SoilMovers LLC has done. We love what we do and we have been improving Texas ranch and farm properties with upgraded water features exclusively for over ten years. We take pride in our work and it shows!  Enjoy the quick slideshow and place your mouse on the picture for a brief description. (Lots of great pictures- May take a while to load!)



The Role of Texas Farm Ponds and Fishing Lakes
Improved wildlife habitat.  Ranch Lake and ranch retreat. Lamar County, TX

Improved wildlife habitat at rural lake retreat. Lamar County, TX

Conservative estimates place the real number of farm ponds and ranch lakes in Texas at over 800,000. These farm ponds range in size from less than one acre to over 60 acres in size and 25% of all fishing in Texas takes place in private farm ponds and fishing lakes. Unfortunately, many of these ponds are so poorly constructed that they fail to serve the purpose for which they were originally designed and some may even be unsafe and a catastrophe in the making.

Until recently, little concern was shown for construction safety in building farm pond dams. Now, many states are routinely checking pond dams and condemning those which are unsafe. Condemned farm ponds must be drained and repaired or destroyed. Therefore, it is important to properly construct new ponds or lakes in order to prevent expensive condemnation or structural failure of the dam. Much of Texas is subject to torrential rains when a Hurricane or Tropical Storm sweeps in from the Gulf or maybe Mother Nature will just be unpredictable like she was in May of 2015 when 75% of Texas experienced the wettest May on record.

Farm ponds are built for many purposes. Those designed for livestock watering, irrigation, and fire protection must be built near the use they serve and also contain adequate water. Farm ponds or fishing lakes used for flood and erosion control frequently are located in dry valleys or depressions and have the capability for the storage of large quantities of water, especially during heavy rainfall and spring floods.

Farm ponds constructed for fish and wildlife production or recreation are designed and constructed for (1) easy access, (2) adequate volume and, (3) water level manipulation. Farm ponds can be designed and built to serve multiple purposes with advanced planning. You just have to choose the contractor that is right for your job. Building anything more than a basic stock tank requires an excavation contractor with a depth of experience with a multitude of different projects,  a stable of expensive, dependable equipment to do the job right and the innate ability to visualize the final product which fulfills your dream.

We have a long, successful track record satisfying the needs of our clients. Take a look at our extensive list of varied excavation projects here.


“The proposition of redoing an improperly constructed farm pond or fishing lake is always more expensive than the initial pond construction. Do it right the first time.”

Contact Nick at SoilMovers LLC today.
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Double Lake - North Zulch, TX

 Double Lake Build plus Infrastructure – North Zulch, Texas

Nick provides this detailed description:

The rural land tract is 160 +/- acres located close to North Zulch, Texas. The terrain is mildly rolling with limited elevation changes for drainage and challenging soils for pond and lake building. The vegetation ranges from hay meadows and open pasture with mesquite trees to heavily wooded areas of primarily oak and elm trees. There are several houses and structures scattered across the property so design quality along with logistic viability are paramount for this lake building project.

The client was at first only interested in a consult and planned on hiring a local excavation contractor to build the project. A month or so after doing the initial consult the client came back to me and said that after talking to other excavation contractors none of them seemed to have a concept of how the lake project needs to be built in order to bring out the full potential of the land. The client then asked me to take on the project simply stating “Build me a showplace”.  I consult on many “after the fact”  projects where the client is disappointed that his dream does not match the reality of his completed water project.  These clients were not successful in finding a contractor that could really bring out the full potential of their rural property.  When I see a finished lake building project that could have been so much better with just a little more effort it is always disappointing to me.  Sadly enough,  I see it all of the time.  Most times, my “after the fact”  consults bear some fruit and the client is able to formulate a plan to fix or at least diminish part of his problems.   It goes without saying that more money will be spent to fix what could have been prevented by hiring an experienced contractor to begin with.

The main scope of work for this project is to build two ponds or lakes of approximately two and 4 acres. The client wanted larger bodies of water but available watershed and soil types dictated smaller water features to be truly successful. The main challenge is to design the downsized lakes to appear much larger so as to give the clients more of what they initially wanted. The smaller pond is located adjacent to the main house and has limited existing trees to design around so this location will be especially interesting.  Along with building the water features;  clearing, road construction, creek crossings, drainage correction, land prep and final seeding are included in the scope of work at this rural location.

The lake building project was delayed for six months due to exceptionally rainy weather (Spring 2015)  and now less than two months into dryer weather some of the soils are getting too dry to work properly. Along with that, burn bans are being posted which hinders the clearing process. There are challenges associated with every project and I advise all of my clients to fully assess the challenges that go with their project and then choose a contractor that is capable of handling those challenges. Many people choose the contractor based on price alone and that mistake can lead to a failed project and years of aggravation dealing with fixing the project. The saddest part is that, generally speaking from experience,  a failed project will never attain the level that could have been had it been done correctly the first time. There is no 100% fix for a failed project because irreparable damage has been done that can never be corrected.  Resources are used up and lost forever.  The real heartache is the time lost and hassle dealing with the failed project, not to even mention the additional financial burden.

It is always cheaper to do it right the first time.




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