Established fishing lake at a Texas Rural Ranch Retreat
Established fishing lake at a Texas Rural Ranch Retreat

Since the earliest oil boom days at Spindletop,  the Texas economy has been subject to the boom or bust oil cycles.   One day your riding high on the hog taking advantage of an oil related business and the next month, the bottom drops out and the oil patch seems to turn into a ghost town overnight.

When the cash flow dwindles, many Texans face reality and realize rural property and expansive ranches purchased during the good times are no longer financially feasible. Many times, these properties are listed with realtors at reduced prices for a quick sale.  Banks and mortgage companies are forced to foreclose on rural properties and this acreage becomes available as well.

Many prospective rural buyers look for an improved acreage that has infrastructure and buildings already completed.  Some of these properties were used as lavish weekend retreats and can be quite elaborate.  Of course,  these turn key properties command a premium price and when it is all said and done, you are buying someone elses idea of a second home or rural getaway  — another person’s dream that may or may not coincide with your dream.  The best bargain is and always will be unimproved acreage or neglected property that you can custom tailor to your wishes.  The problem with buying a piece of grown up wild land or a run down ranch is 99% of the buyers will have no idea how to transform the rough raw property into their dream location.

Our favorite project here at SoilMovers LLC is taking that piece of rough real estate and transforming it into the showcase you have been imagining for years.  We enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction that comes with completing a one of a kind rural ranch retreat that will be enjoyed by generations to come.  Our portfolio is full of just such projects that we have successfully completed and we often hear from past clients who are quick to express their thanks for a job well done and they all tell us how much enjoyment their property brings them.  You need someone with the insight and experience to envision what the finished product will look like and that requires a special talent your local excavation contractor will never have.

Another consideration when you are thinking about buying a rural property is the freedom and safety it offers in times of trouble.   The world today is an unsettled place and the big cities are not a safe place to be during civil unrest – or even a hurricane.  The best possible plan to protect you and your family during unsettled times is to get out of town and seek refuge (and safety) at your rural retreat property.

The best place to start fulfilling your dream is with a consultation.  Nick is available to discuss prospective purchases,  consult on feasibility issues and tell you what is doable and what is not and how your dream can be a reality.

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