This section of our SoilMovers LLC website is educational; my thoughts assembled over decades in the business on how to do a job well and to the total satisfaction of our clients.  It centers on integrity and the worth of a man’s word.

My clients over the years are a very narrow niche of the overall excavation and dirt work business.  They are not looking for someone to clean out a fence row or dig a simple tank to water stock.  Our clients are rural landowners with a very specific dream which is unique to them and them alone..  They dream how they can improve their rural property in order to enjoy its’ maximum potential.  We have never done a job that copied a past project!

We realize every client has unique ideas and dreams that are specific to their needs and wants. 

Nick Jones - SoilMovers LLC

The problem for most of them is their knowledge of adding extensive infrastructure and water features to their rural property is very limited.   Most of them have been very successful in their chosen professions but they have never had to deal with a large excavation project that will change the appearance and overall utility of their rural property forever.

The smart answer is to hire an excavation contractor that has the ability to see your dream and build on it.

I can tell you from experience, the local bulldozer guy that clears fence rows,digs generic stock tanks and advertises on telephone poles is not your guy.

For most of my prospective clients, an onsite consultation that takes a few hours and costs a few hundred dollars is a good start.

Take the first step toward realizing your dream today…….

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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