SoilMovers LLC available services, general work capabilities and areas of particular expertise.

SoilMovers LLC  has the experience and proven ability to transform any piece of raw land into a Showcase Lake Residence or Rural Lake Retreat.

Our services begin with your first inquiry.  Nick personally takes the time to answer every email and return every phone call.  It is our pleasure to honestly answer any questions that you might have. 

The next step is an onsite consult to assess the site, your goals and the overall feasibility of the project.  Defining the scope of work and challenges involved with building your project is a crucial step as it will determine what type of contractor should be chosen to build your project.

Based on 40+ years of experience, lake construction projects fail mechanically (clearing, drainage/watershed management, water features holding water, soils placed correctly) approximately 50% of the time.  Aesthetically (how the project fits the landscape and dynamic appeal) lake building projects fail more than 90% of the time.

  • Years of experience building and consulting on projects ALL over the country enable us to visualize the maximum potential of your land and build the finished product accordingly. 
  • We actually do the work and Nick is on site all day every day.
  • We build ponds, lakes and tanks that hold water regardless of soil types.
  • We clear land responsibly and progressively so that your land tract achieves its maximum potential.
  • We build all weather roads that enhance the landscape and positively impact the overall watershed plan.
  • We can advise you on proper seeding and erosion control.
  • Nick offers premium consulting services at your location to ensure your lake building project is a success.

For a detailed listing of current and past projects that showcase our abilities, please click here.