Central Texas geomembrane plastic lake liner installation on 4 acre lake.

A Successful Track Record

Nick has been successfully self-employed in the construction field for 40 years as of 2019. In the beginning he escaped from TN at the age of 19 in a Jeep CJ and ended up in SW Florida not knowing a soul or having a job.  From that start, Nick earned his Florida State Certified Contractor’s License in 1979.  Florida has always had some of the toughest construction regulations in the entire country and contractor’s licenses are governed at state level and issued only after a very rigid vetting and testing process.  Most states, even today, have very little if any state testing for general contractors.

During his 16 years in Florida other businesses were spun off the construction hub and they expanded to cover the entire lower 48 states and most of the southern tier of Canadian provinces.  Nick was doing business in Texas as early as 1984; coming to love Texas and its’ traditional conservative ways over the ensuing years.  He brought his family to Powderly, Texas (near Paris in Northeast Texas) in 1992.  With his Tennessee ancestors Sam Houston and Davy Crockett in mind, Nick laughingly reminds folks that without Tennessee there would probably not be much Texas. In 2013, he purchased property near Bremond, Central Texas and eventually re-located his operation to be closer to his historical project locations.

Nick’s expertise, experience and honesty are in increasing demand.  On many weekends and during weather related construction delays, you will find him flying somewhere in Texas or the surrounding states for an onsite consultation with a land owner.  Some of the meetings concern possible future projects for SoilMovers, some are getting a ‘second opinion’ in regards to the validity of a lake construction plan proposed by another contractor and some involve exploring options to fix a problem lake.  A few dollars spent to get additional information from a reliable, experienced source in person and at your location is a wise investment.  A consultation does not mean you intend to hire Nick to do the project. Quality earth moving projects are expensive!  A few dollars spent during the research and discovery phase of your dream lake building project will serve you well as the project moves forward. Many of the consultations serve to validate your plans, clarify questions you may have and identify potential areas where care should be exercised. In many cases,  Nick’s input and detailed written report (for future reference) will arm you with enough knowledge to direct a local contractor to complete your lake construction project.

At SoilMovers, the goal is getting your job done right the first time and in the most cost efficient manner.  We have the late model equipment, a proven track record decades long and the mobility assets to work in any location.

Experience counts when it comes to lake building

When building your dream project it just makes sense to have someone with decades of hands-on experience.  It goes without saying understanding all phases of any construction process can be a huge asset.  Being “proactive” and solving problems before they happen is always better than being “reactive” and trying to fix it after it is broken – and it is always cheaper. More than 50% of the consults that Nick does are failed projects built by other contractors.  Due diligence during initial planning and being willing to spend a little money doing your homework is the first step in completing a successful project.

Not many people can say they have been successful in business continuously for 40 years.  Fortunately for Nick, he loves his work and consequently has hardly worked a day in his life.  It is not all work, all the time; he still loves his old Jeeps, good dogs, grand kids and airplanes.

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(updated 10/2019)