Any successful business person is well aware of this old adage and chances are these successful people manage their time well. In the last half of 2006, we found ourselves spending lots of time on the road; not just traveling back and forth between actual jobs and moving equipment but traveling to your location to talk to you in person about the work you had in mind. Consultations filled many weekends.

Looking at your prospective job first hand is the only way to start your lake building project correctly.  In most cases, there is a sizable amount of money – your money – involved and it just makes good business sense to do it the right the first time.

The downside for us was just the sheer amount of miles involved.  Texas and Oklahoma covers a lot of area!  By the time we drove from our home base in Paris, TX to Abilene or Tulsa or Mason or College Station, we were covering lots, and we mean LOTS of miles and that time would have been better utilized pushing dirt on one of our lake building jobs.

Update for 2015:  SoilMovers LLC now has an operations base in Central Texas to better serve our clients which includes a 2500′ grass runway!

The obvious answer to the logistics problem was to drastically reduce the travel time.  Texans found out a long time ago that a private plane was almost a necessity in this huge state.  We purchased a Cessna 182 for business use and it has been a great addition to our equipment line up.  With a cruising speed of 150mph and a range of just over 700 miles, it has increased and improved our productive output many times over.

An added bonus is that you, our prospective client,  no longer have to wait as long for us to come take a look at your job. We can leave Paris in the morning and be halfway across Texas by Lunch, meet with you and then be home by Supper. That same trip might have taken us 2 days previously!

We also knew that viewing your prospective lake construction project from the air would give us a better perspective of the job before us. This particular aspect has proved invaluable when it comes to doing the job right the first time!

Many of our jobs detailed here have aerial views that lend a special perspective to the large scale of some of our lake building projects.

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