Client’s children enjoying a cool swim on a hot South Texas day

The property is a home site of 18 acres located north of Conroe, TX. The original 1/4 acre pond would not hold water because it was too sandy and gravel bottomed. Too often, we see ponds and lakes constructed by dirt contractors who deliver much less than they promise. They take your money and leave you with an unsightly hole in the ground.  Much of the negligence is due to lack of attention to detail and inexperience.

We enlarged it to one acre, reshaped it and installed a 40 mil HDPE plastic lake liner.

The land owner added the diffusers (and did a great job) for aeration of the water for better fish habitat. They plan to add a floating dock with a ladder and it will be great for the kids to swim and fish

(Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture.)



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