North Texas Triple Recreation Lake Project

2 of 3 recreational lakes constructed on North Texas
2 of 3 recreational lakes constructed in North Texas

A project in North Texas that will include 3 lakes with plastic liners, roads and multiple house sites on a 30 acre property. This project requires a high skill level and finesse to properly construct three recreational fishing lakes and sites for multiple homes on a rather small acreage which is more suburban than we are accustomed to. Getting the different aspects of the project to blend together and look natural is the most difficult part.

Every lake building project is different and most lake construction projects are very dynamic and change as the work progresses.  This lake project in North Texas changed more than most.  The owner bought adjoining property and added a third lake. The land owner also decided to add to the surrounding lake infrastructure with a series of rock walls, rock waterfalls and other features which join the three lakes.The soil at this location was very rocky and not suitable for building quality fishing lakes. Soil testing before the start of lake construction revealed this and it was decided to use a very heavy 60 mil lake liner to insure water retention in the series of 3 lakes. Due to the rocky nature of the soil,  a geo textile fabric liner was installed first to protect the plastic lake liner from punctures.

An important factor to note is the plastic lake liner requirement and the nature of the rocky soil were discovered during the initial soil testing phase and it was a known factor prior to the start of actual lake building.  This was a very complicated and ambitious project and the land owner was well pleased with his family compound at completion.

Experience counts and nothing can be left to chance when you are dealing with a challenging lake building project.






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