A matured fishing and recreation lake in Northeast,TX

Our expert staff has years of experience to help you plan the lake or shoreline environment you desire.

Maturing Northeast Texas stocked farm pond
Maturing Northeast Texas stocked farm pond

Proper lake or pond design does not happen by accident! Man made lakes generally fall short of the owner’s expectation simply because of amateur planning and haphazard construction. Proper design results in healthier, larger fish, fewer aquatic weeds, less leakage and a more aesthetic and natural appearance. The advance investment in proper planning and construction pays off in the long run.

Lakes and wetlands constructed with our assistance add value to your property and result in peace of mind that the job will not have to be “fixed” in a few years. We have been involved with many repairs of existing water projects that were improperly implemented. This can be an expensive proposition; greatly exceeding the initial construction figure. Routinely, we are told by these well meaning property owners that they studied a variety of literature and thought they had the knowledge to supervise construction. In most cases, the time and money they invested has turned into a leaky, half filled, weed choked mess which is unsightly and useless.

When it comes right down to it, there really is no substitute for proper equipment to do the job right the first time, skilled heavy equipment operators and a construction supervisor with decades of experience.

Upon completion of dirt work, Mother Nature generally needs 1-2 years to fully establish a new pond or lake.

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