The proper equipment, experience and an artistic eye are all important factors in lake construction.

SoilMovers LLC available services, general work capabilities and areas of particular expertise.

SoilMovers LLC  has the experience and proven ability to transform any piece of raw land into a Showcase Lake Residence or Rural Lake Retreat.

  • We build lakes that hold water – even in poor soil that requires a plastic liner.
  • We clear land to meet its’ maximum potential.
  • We build roads and correct drainage to provide all weather access.
  • Our ability to visualize the end result means your project “fits” the landscape and looks natural.
  • Our showcase projects incorporate all aspects above. The access road winds scenically into the house location that naturally blends in with your lake construction project.
  • Nick offers premium consulting services at your location to ensure your lake building project is a success.

For a detailed listing of current and past projects that showcase our abilities, please click here.