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Fishing Lakes

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Fishing Lakes and farm ponds are not mother nature’s creations; they are the work of human beings. They must be managed to be productive and provide good fishing. Think of a pond
as you would a garden or orchard. It must be properly laid out, fertilized, planted (stocked), weeded, pruned (in this case selectively harvested) and protected from climate-related catastrophe in order to be bountiful. All of this takes time and effort but the rewards are outdoor recreation and good food.

A fishing lake is made differently than a stock pond. To provide the greatest enjoyment and optimum conditions for the fish, this type of construction is more complicated. It incorporates various levels, a rougher bottom and fish habitats. 

Lakes designed for fish are both beautiful and productive.  Fish habitat is a must for great fish and great fishing. Soilmovers LLC knows how to build a trophy fishing lake.

Making the lake fit your piece of land is the challenging part.

Nick Jones has years of design experience and an artistic ability to make your project truly outstanding.

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.Fishing Lakes add the most value to your property and provide the ultimate outdoor experience. Their construction requires an expert. 

Some clients tell us they expect a capital return of $3 for every $1 spent on this type land improvement.

Improper construction of a fishing lake causes the land owner displeasure and aggravation... and it may cost thousands of dollars to correct!