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Farm Pond Construction Basics


Proper Construction

The Basics of Proper Lake or Farm Pond  Construction -explained in a picture series.
(Click on the smaller pictures to enlarge them. Use the arrows on each side to view more pictures.)

A properly constructed lake adds value to your property and pleasure to your life.

It is common to see lakes which were not constructed properly.

This lake was constructed improperly. It leaked and was not deep enough. The original contractor did not save the topsoil, creating a poor grass-growing environment.

Surveying for your new lake.

Proper engineering plays a big part in constructing a great lake.

Make sure you use the right equipment.

A contractor with the right equipment for the job is a must!

Pay me now... or pay me later?

Experience, engineering and the proper equipment will mean you don't have to go in and re-do your project at a later date.

Doing the job right. Start to Finish.

Most people do not even think about anything past the major construction event. The proper amount of topsoil on your dam and lake edges is necessary to provide a good environment for a lush carpet of grass. This step is CRUCIAL to prevent erosion and a muddy lake.

Sculpting the edges of the lake.

A variety of equipment is needed to do a proper job. Here, our small dozer is finish grading.

The Finished Product.

The lake is now ready for fish habitat

construction and seeding of the edges and dam.

Your New Lake.

New grass starting to grow on the finished lake.

Enjoy your lake!

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