Central Texas Recreational and Fishing Lake

Pond and lake design, construction and management – the SoilMovers way.

Central Texas Recreational and Fishing Lake
Central Texas Recreational and Fishing Lake

Design, construction, and management are three separate operations involved in the successful completion of a new lake or pond building project.

Design – This crucial phase of the project requires tremendous creative ability as well as a thorough knowledge of the lake or pond construction process.

A successful pond or lake design will be in harmony with what Mother Nature has provided at the site while at the same time being budget conscious.

Just about any earthmoving contractor is well versed in digging a hole or moving dirt from point A to point B.  Judging by our first hand experience over the years,  many of them are lacking in true creative ability.  Left to their own resources, the finished lake or pond turns out to be a generic hole in the ground that is aesthetically unpleasant and a disappointment for the property owner.  Wildlife fisheries biologists and lake management firms can be helpful with designing your fishing pond or recreation lake but most do not have any hands on construction experience.  Limited construction experience is always detrimental to the successful outcome of the project.

Construction – This phase of the project that is the most expensive and must command the most attention because a failure at this point can lead to disastrous consequences.

A typical lake construction project is in operation fifty hours per week and many cubic yards of dirt is moved each and every hour.  Soils as well as site conditions can change by the minute during the course of a week and this is where the trouble can begin.   Without full time supervision, earthmoving equipment operators sometimes tend to ignore soil and site conditions that can lead to an ultimate failure of the project.  A sad fact is poor, unsuitable soil can be easily covered with a thin veneer of dirt and you will not know your lake is going to leak until the excavation contractor is long gone.

Lake management firms and wildlife fisheries biologists may try to sell the landowner on the idea that they can manage the construction phase of the project by stopping by once or twice a week for a few hours.  This limited amount of on site supervision can be quite risky for the client because of what is happening during the balance of the hours that the project manager is not on site.   Short random visits by a construction manager, although helpful, will quite often only provide a very superficial overview of what is really going on at the project site.  And I have to repeat this because we see it often…….. The problem areas are generally not discovered until well after the project has been completed and everyone has been paid.  Speaking from experience when we have been called in to fix a failed lake excavation project, most lake construction failures can be completely hidden by a thin layer of dirt.  The failure may not surface for months or years.  At this point, the landowner will always have to deal with such problems out of his own pocket.   More often than not it will cost more to fix the problem as it did to build the original project.  The worst case scenario is a catastrophic problem that cannot be fixed at all.

Management – Most of the information to properly manage a completed lake or pond project is readily available on the internet at no cost from trusted knowledgeable sources.

Our clients take a variety of approaches when it comes to managing their completed lake project. Most of them do some degree of research to familiarize themselves with proper lake management techniques and practices.   The key of putting this information to work is the time required to properly apply it. A lake or pond management firm or wildlife fisheries biologist can be very effective in this application.  If your time is limited and you wish to keep your completed fishing pond or recreation lake in tip top condition, a fisheries biologist or lake management firm might be the proper course of action.

Soilmovers LLC will design your pond or lake in a creative way that our competitors will never grasp.  We will build your fishing pond, rural lake retreat or recreation lake supervising 100% of the dirt work.  Moreover, the owner of Soilmovers LLC, Nick Jones, will be on site supervising the project during each and every crucial phase. While we do not sell docks, piers, aeration systems, fish stocking or management services we will share our knowledge with you regarding these aspects of the job since we have dealt with companies offering these services many times over the years. We feel that true experts in the field can serve you better regarding these items and SoilMovers will work with these experts for your benefit.

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