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Nick Jones

Excavation and Contracting

We specialize in farm ponds, recreational lakes and fishing lakes.




Nick Jones is an excavation contractor with multi-state experience in all types of construction.

Not only can Nick handle all of your excavation needs, he can design them as well. 

Every piece of land is unique.  Molding and sculpting the land and making all of the pieces fit together requires a special talent and the right equipment.

Our goal is getting your job done right the first time, in a cost efficient manner. 




Nick lives in Paris, TX and works primarily in Texas and Oklahoma. For 2014, Nick has expanded his operations to include an operations base in Central Texas.  Over the years he has found that Central Texas is a good 'fit' for Soilmovers and their clients.  Many of the past Soilmovers projects have been in Central Texas and Nick likes the land ..... and the people.  Having an operations base closer to the clients means reduced transportation costs and more time on the job actually moving the project forward. It is definitely a win-win for Soilmovers and future clients!

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