Current project- 2 acre plastic liner lake near Austin TX

The site is an organic livestock farm of approximately 100 acres located near Austin TX. The project goal is to build a lake/water reservoir that will serve three primary purposes:

1- A reliable water source for the farm in an area where water wells are not obtainable.
2- A recreational site for the family.
3- Increase the overall land value by creating a water feature that blends with the landscape and adds considerable aesthetic value to the property. In many cases such as this, project expenditures can easily return 2X in added value.

The problems associated with the project are:

1- Designing the site to fit the landscape and compliment the architecturally designed structures that are already in place.
2- Difficult soils that include sand, clay, rock and vast amounts of deep mud from an existing failed tank.
3- Clever and proper placement of the spoils dirt generated by the excavation for depth process.

Due to the non-existent availability of a supplemental water source such as a water well or stream, capturing and storing rainwater runoff was the only feasible option for watering livestock. Since the soils are not conducive to holding water a plastic liner is being installed so that the only water loss to be contended with is mostly evaporation.

From a ‘green’  perspective this has been one of our more interesting projects. The latest designs of the equipment used for free range livestock is quite clever, functional and relatively easy to use. A water catchment system for the house and barns is also very practical and useful. For the finishing touch the landowner has a large solar power system that sells unused power back to the utility grid. I encourage you to take the time to look at the pictures from this project.

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