Building a ranch lake or fishing pond is easy, right?

Established mature North Texas stocked recreation lakeWell, yes and no.  During the summer of 2011, we were on a project in Central Texas that was on the same caliche rock road as a rather large commercial cattle operation. These folks were in the business to make money and they obviously held a hard bottom line.  I noticed their stock tanks were all cookie cutter endeavors.  Every single one of them looked like a 35 square yard postage stamp.  They did the job all right I am sure. They served a utilitarian purpose in the most minimal fashion. I know they were easy to build– no real expertise required to dig a square hole.  I am sure they were cost effective and served the purpose but they sure were ugly.  Our clients want more!

Do this………..    the next time you are out driving, take note of the different kinds of farm ponds, fishing lakes and stock tanks visible from the road. Which ones are more appealing? Which ones enhance the property?  I don’t think you are going to say the postage stamps stock ponds or fishing lakes.

We don’t do the square hole postage stamp ponds. Your local bulldozer guy down the road can do those.  Maybe they will hold water and the dam won’t leak but we all know you generally get what you pay for as far as creativeness and quality of work.  One of my habits as I travel around rural Texas is to check and see which ranch lakes and stock ponds are bone dry in August.   A dry stock tank is not much good during the drought of a Texas summer if it won’t hold water……..  and there are a surprising number of them if you take the time to look.    Certainly not a great work portfolio for your local bulldozer guy.

Our expertise lies on the other end of the spectrum.  We are experts in our field and what we do is enhance your property and improve your quality of life on your land holding.

It is our business to assist you in fulfilling your dreams and we believe it is a financially sound investment as well.  One of our recent customers said he expected to recoup $3 for every $1 in construction costs he paid SoilMovers LLC.  While we have no way to verify this as a true fact,  this client seemed completely convinced and his very successful past financial track record led us to believe he knew what he was talking about.

One of the current trends in Central Texas is the desire for a getaway location.  We call it a Texas Rural Lake Retreat and our clients want them for a variety of reasons.  Some clients utilize the Lake Retreats for a weekend getaway,  some want a location far from the Gulf Coast in event of a hurricane and others have just tired of the insanity of Big City life and want privacy and solitude.  These Rural Lake Retreats often involve much more than the construction of a fishing or recreation lake.  Clients want the property cleared,  all weather roads built to access the property at any time and future home locations situated to take advantage of property enhancements.   Your local excavation contractor is not even close  experience-wise when it comes to planning a project of this scope and making it all fit when the last yard of dirt has been moved.

So what makes SoilMovers  LLC so special?

Nick returns from a consultation with a client hundreds of miles away.We believe actions speak louder than words.  That is what built our business and that integrity and expertise is what continues to propel it forward.  As a quick example, did you know every picture on this website is original…and one of us took it!  Each picture reflects  projects we have done over the past decade.

It seems in this day and time, people like to talk a big game.  Slick salesmen, savvy contractors, smooth talking entrepreneurs; they all promise outstanding work or services for a bargain price.  How many times have you experienced this scenario and you had to lower your expectations when the product or service was realized?  It appears to us this is the business norm these days… everyone seems to take for granted the final product will be less than the initial expectation.  Perhaps the slick talkers greatest asset is their ability to come up with creative excuses??  SoilMovers LLC just doesn’t operate that way.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations in every way.

(Here is some advice on planning and executing your new lake or pond project.)

Many of our future clients are surprised when Nick flies in to meet them for the initial consultation.  Our Cessna 182 and  206 are not toys we use to impress clients.  They are just another piece of equipment like one of our bulldozers or a backhoe. We believe Time is Money.   Your money and time as well as ours!  There is no substitute for having the right equipment to get the job done in a timely and economical fashion.

Having the right equipment is one of the reasons your local bulldozer guy will probably disappoint you.  We show up on the job with late model equipment that is well maintained and ready to work every day. One of our recent clients commented that the contractor that constructed his high fence prior to our arrival showed up with multiple pieces of equipment but it seemed one or the other of the pieces was always broken down and several of the equipment operators were engaged in repairing  the broken down piece;  idling even more equipment.  Our client also said he had a severe case of bulldozer envy.  What can we say? We show up with big equipment, we show up with late model equipment and we get the job done!

Newer and well maintained equipment is key component to our lake building success

So how does it all work?

Once the initial consultation is complete, the next step is to validate the work plan. Nick does this by returning to your property for a soil and site evaluation.  Soil test holes are dug within the proposed work area and the soil type is evaluated. A more detailed site survey is also done at this time.  If it is determined the project is valid, a deposit from the prospective client is secured.  Payment of the deposit gains you a slot in the work schedule.

Heavy haul trucks arrive with Soilmovers LLC excavation equipmentWhen we move on to your job site, the heavy haul trucks with the equipment will show up first. They deliver the bulldozers, backhoes, excavators. equipment trailers and all the various and sundry hard pieces that make the job go forward. We always scout out a designated equipment area in advance (with your approval) and that constitutes our staging area going forward.

So far it seems pretty routine, right?  Well, maybe not. Over the years we have found that working in extended locations–sometimes as much as 600 miles from the home base in Paris, TX– presents its’ own special set of logistic challenges.  We are serving a specialized niche market – a discerning client who wants the very best- and we realize extraordinary measures must be taken to fulfill the expectations of our clients.  A small job for us may last 6 weeks, a large job might extend to 6 months or even longer  We have found the most efficient and cost effective way to service these jobs is to live on site.  This is accomplished by a fleet of recreational vehicles  which affords us the opportunity to live and work right where the job is located – our Base Camp.  We are very flexible and resilient in this respect.  Some job sites afford access to electricity, water and sewage with very little modification and that is reflected in the per diem charge. Some sites have water and electricity but lack proper septic tanks.  We have worked successfully with the clients to install septic service for our use which the clients will realize the benefits of for years to come. Many of them utilize our Base Camp after the job is complete for their personal RVs or even as a great place to invite friends and family who might have recreational vehicles.

SoilMovers LLC Base Camp at work location


Update for 2015:  SoilMovers LLC now has an operations base in Central Texas to better serve our clients.


Our commitment to you…

Maybe we are outdated in today’s all digital world and maybe we sound just a bit old fashioned but we still believe in old school values.   Decency, integrity, value for your dollar coupled with a commitment to exceed your anticipations defines SoilMovers LLC.

If you are looking for a true expert in fishing lakes, ranch recreation lakes, rural retreat locations and capital land improvements, you need  to contact Nick Jones today!

A consultation is a good starting point and most past clients say it is some of the best money they ever spent to on the way to realizing their dream.