I wrote an article titled “What make a “perfect country retreat?” back in the early fall of 2019. I never published it here on the blog because I saw uncertainty and changes on the horizon.  At that time we were experiencing one of the best economies in the history of the United States.  Most everyone was “fat and happy” and enjoying life.  With 62 years of life and over 40 years in business under my belt I was enjoying the good times as well but had a feeling that things were just “too good”.  My radar was tuned to a massive economic re-correction in some form or fashion similar to that of the Great Recession of 2008.  I would have never, even in my wildest dreams, reckoned that something like the Corona Virus and ensuing Lockdown would take down not only the U.S. economy but the economy of much of the world.  All our lives changed in the space of a few weeks.  No one foresaw that!

Up until March 2020 rural retreats were mostly just a fine “getaway” place to enjoy some solitude and enjoy family.  A large number of people already own a rural retreat with an even greater number wanting to have one.  Many of the people that want a country place have been on the fence for a long time unable to make a decision.  The first thing to remember is that time is the only finite resource. I have been doing this for a long time and the mistake that landowners make over and over again is that they wait too long to become a landowner.  The second thing is to deeply consider the way things have REALLY been with the pandemic since early March 2020.  Then look in the mirror and ask yourself.  What am I waiting for?

In late 2019 we were experiencing one of the greatest economies that the world had ever known.  Months later we hardly know what to expect when turning on the news every morning.  Out of all of the variables and options at hand it seems that distancing yourself from large population centers may be the best overall solution to the problem.  Since “working from home” is more the norm than ever before ask yourself this.  Why do I want to live in or near a large city with all of the costs (taxes, etc.) along with all of the dangers/hassles when I could move to the country?The facts are mostly in and it is now an obvious reality that rural communities across the country experienced very few Covid-19 infections and the associated problems as opposed to the larger cities.  People living in the country have to deal with a few Covid-19 issues but nothing compared to the inconveniences that the city folks endured – and sometimes did not survive.

Years ago (before devices) I had a conversation with a young fellow of 14 that had moved from the city to the country at the age of 12.  This young man mentioned to me very casually that he had been AFRAID the whole time that he lived in the city and did not know it UNTIL he moved to the country.  At the time I remember being astounded with this young man’s revelation.  In the present, add the pandemic, social anarchy and a device in every kid’s hand to plug in completely to the city living equation and where do you think our children stand now?

Our way of life has undeniably changed forever and the only responsible thing that we can do about it is to deal with it.  The best response to a pandemic is to distance yourself from it.  You have always dreamed of a country place and now you have a very, very good reason to make that dream a reality.  Most of my clients have worked hard and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle as a result.  You can transfer that comfortable lifestyle to a rural location with just some extra effort.

Finding the “Perfect country retreat” will be very difficult to achieve but getting started and building your idea of the “perfect place” might be one of the most rewarding journeys of your life.  Over the years I have built many fine projects and gotten to know many acres of land.  My resume contains a far, far larger number of projects that I have consulted on. That number is literally in the thousands.  In all of these years and the countless land tracts that I have looked at I have NEVER seen a piece of land where I could not find something that I liked about it.  Read on and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.



Based on a lifetime of living and 40+ years in this business, this is  my concept of a perfect country retreat.


Thanks for your time reading this and remember “First you have to dream it”.


Nick Jones


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